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Rox School of Dance & Drama...
Welcome to Rox School of Dance and Drama. At Rox we like to think of our selves as more than just a straight forward dance and drama school. We encourage our students to take the relevant exams for their particular class. We also encourage them to take part in a  Rox stage production once every three years. In recent times we have been very fortunate to provide the Brighton Theatre Royal with students for the previous and forthcoming pantomimes. All of these factors can help show you as parents the progress your child is making, builds confidence and goes a long way to helping your child grow into the well rounded and happy person we all want them to be. As we all know posture and fitness are extremely important when it comes to our child's development and at Rox we encourage both at all times. As adult classes are available too, there is something for everyone from dance and drama through to martial arts and many other activities, so come along and find out for your selves.


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