ROX Newsletter - March 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

I can’t believe that’s its almost the end of another term, and what a fantastic term it has been. Best of luck to all the students taking their RAD ballet exams on Saturday and Sunday, please remember to arrive one hour before the exam with all your clothes washed in pristine condition and all your hair things (girls) hairpins, grips, hair nets, hair elastics , the same colour as your hair , hair gel and hairspray, and the dirtier the students hair the easier it is to put up, clean bodies dirty hair!! All the exam times are on the board if you are not sure, please just ask.

It is so lovely to do the mock exams as always I’m amazed at the difference in each and every exam candidate from the beginning of term to now, the hard work from both the students and Miss Deborah has such great results, you as parents should be very proud.

The ISTD exam pianist rehearsals are next weekend and the exams the following Tuesday and Wednesday, the 27th and 28th I do apologise that some emails had the wrong dates on the days which caused a great deal of confusion!!

The watching classes start on Wednesday 21st March and finish on Tuesday 27th March, this is most confusing as it starts midweek, but just to confirm to everyone so no one misses the opportunity to see their children’s progress and chat to the teachers. Friday students have their Watching Class this Friday 16th March due to a function at the high school, class is as normal 23rd but just watching is a week early.

Well done to all the students who have performed in the Hastings Festival, the most amazing results and how well the students work as a team, this really shows with the chemistry, trust and respect that is reflected in their work. A Very big thank you to all the parents, the dedication needed to commit to the children’s “Hobbies” is endless, without you it wouldn’t be possible, and of course Miss Natasha with her wonderful, exciting choreography, she has been working 7 days a week and will need the Easter Break to recover!!

Congratulations to all the LAMDA students again achieving such high marks, Mr. Alex always says the standard of the student’s drama is outstanding.

So its three years since the last show…… where has the time gone?! This is the most exciting term for most of the students, all the hard work all the hours practicing technique, at last, pays off, the students get to shine on the stage in front of all their friends and family. This year’s show is “Half a Sixpence” all students from Grade 1 up are invited to perform and it’s so lovely to see the youngest students performing alongside the most senior students, many of who have there GCSEs at the same time, and they are the inspiration to the future generations of Rox, the memories of the show will last forever.

All the students who are in Baby Ballet/Modern/Tap, Pre-Primary and Primary, these will remain the same timetabled classes on the same days, some might have moved times slightly, we have tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. You will see from the new timetable that grades are now combined, again we have tried to keep the days exactly the same as the ones attended by the students from the spring term as much as possible, many are doubled up, your son/daughter only has to attend one of these classes , all I need you do is let me know which one, i.e. Monday or Thursday.

There is a technique class attached to each of the show classes, this is because some students are unable to perform in the show due to being away for the weekend of the show, so they will attend just the technique class, for all the other students in the show we strongly advise taking the technique class as well, just to keep the students technique up until September when we resume with syllabus classes again, I know this is an extra expense for many of you, but it is only once every three years and if you think of it the same as when you do an exam and have an extra coaching class per week. This will maintain all the students who will be taking their RAD and ISTD exams in December, without it that wouldn’t be possible.

The Show is at the Old Market, which is just off Western Road in Hove, it is an amazing Theatre and easy to get to on public transport as parking is not the best! pretty much the same as all Brighton! The changing rooms are lovely, there’s a great bar and its close to all restaurants etc. The technical/Dress Rehearsal will be on Friday 6th July from 4.00pm and can go on until 9.30-10.00pm so that’s a long night… Then we will have two shows a matinee on both Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th so each student will perform in 4 shows. We try to keep the cost for the costumes down to a minimum and they are between £15.00-£30.00 each depending on the genre, i.e. Tap/Modern/ Jazz or Ballet, then the only other cost for the students is the makeup, which once they have bought it will last a lifetime!!

Tickets go on sale about a month before the show and they are on a first come first served basis, but with four shows I’m sure you will all get to see the show at least once! We will, of course, have the show filmed so you will be able to buy a copy if you would like. Many students are already asking about auditions for the parts, this I will do over the Easter Holidays as I like all the staff to be present during the audition process, so if you would like a speaking/ singing role please email me so I can arrange an audition.

I am so excited for the next few months, not only the show but the Dance World Cup in Barcelona…… The children really are our future, and it will be brilliant.

Thank you for all the really lovely comments about the new website, Congratulations to Rob who designed it, and now that its run by one of the amazing Dads he will be able to update it weekly to keep it current, that is amazing!

Summer School dates will be out very soon as I know so many of you want to book again, we do have 30 places for August so don’t panic… if you haven’t attended before you must as the children love it.

I’m sure once you have read everything if your an “old “ mum of 10 years at Rox or it’s your first show there will be plenty of questions, please just ask and yes we will need chaperones for the show so you the parents can get involved as well, just not on the stage!!

Lots of Love
Miss Sophie

ROX Newsletter - January 2018

January 2018 News

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all, I do hope you all had a lovely relaxing break and now back to lots of hard work for the next two terms. I can’t believe it’s Show Year again!! Where have the three years gone. Congratulations to all the students who got amazing RAD and LAMDA results. Just to remind you that LAMDA is now on a Thursday (6.30-7.30).

The ISTD results are now in, fantastic results! 24 Distinctions which is 80% and over and 9 Merit which is 65% and over. Well done to all the staff and pupils, I’m so very proud of you all.

Hopefully, all of you are aware that 25 of our amazing students have been selected to represent Great Britain as a part of Dance World Cup in June in Barcelona. We are fundraising to ensure all our students can compete. There is a raffle costing £10 a ticket and the winner will get a free class next term. If you would like to buy a raffle ticket please talk to either Ruby or Evie on reception. If anyone has any other ideas to raise some money they would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you have a local business that wants to donate something?!

Another reminder that Miss Natasha’s engagement party is on January 27th and we have a card at reception if any students would like to sign it and put some money towards her engagement present. I feel this is a better idea than personal gifts as she is moving into her first home and desperately needs a bed. So between us, it would be lovely to collect a substantial amount!!

Thank you to all parents who have paid their invoices this term. If you haven’t received one or it’s wrong in any way then please let me know. Unfortunately, I think some parents didn’t quite read the invoice properly and have paid the discounted fee, even though that was only payable up until the 16th of December, after that date so please can you check the dates on the invoice, and if you have paid the wrong amount I will email you ASAP.

On Thursday 18th January, a tuck shop will be opening in the waiting room. All money raised will go towards the Dance World Cup funding, so please support this and buy buy buy!!

Summer Term 2018 is “Show Term”, for new students this is something we do every 3 years. This year the show will be at The Old Market, which is at 11, Market Street, Hove, which is a fantastic venue. The dates are Dress/Tech Run (6th July) and two shows per day (Matinee and Evening – 7th & 8th July). All students from Grade 1 can be in the show. Auditions for parts will be after half term. It really is a great experience so I do encourage everyone to take part!