More than just a straightforward dance and drama school


Dear Parents and Students,

We are experimenting with the online learning App called Zoom.

Every parent will need to sign up, this is free.

You will need an email address to sign in then you will need a phone, laptop or computer to view the class.

1. At the time of each class, you will log in 5 minutes before the class starts on the Zoom App.

2. Wait for an invitation from Rox, but you HAVE to have signed up before this and you HAVE to accept to be able to view the class and you HAVE to be running the App to receive the invitation.

3. We will need you to have signed up to a class a few hours before, please.
Any problems please call or email.

Once you have signed up can you please email to confirm and I will add you as a contact which then enables you to join the live class.

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you to all of you who have managed to sign up for the online classes yesterday, it was a great success and I really appreciate all the positive emails and constant support.

Many of you have downloaded the Zoom App and then you have to send an email via Zoom to your class teacher – they will then be able to accept you as a contact. You can’t ask the teacher to be a contact.

To be able to attend the class the teacher has to accept you and until they have done that you won’t be able to be contacted.

The classes will run as close to time as possible please don’t try to call the teacher through the Zoom App when the class is in progress as they are teaching and unable to answer as they would have to come out of the App.

You have to be on the Zoom App 5 minutes before the class so they, when your class is going to start the teacher, will send you an invite and once you have accepted this you will be in the lesson.

If you are having any problems please call the Rox landline as I will be here a lot now!! The Rox landline number is 01273 231329.

For all the RAD students we are just waiting for confirmation for the exams on Sunday, the times for the pianist rehearsal on Saturday 21st March will have to return to the original times on Saturday 28th due to the online classes still continuing on Saturday morning, but this is all depending on the Marina Studios still being open. And then the Exams on Sunday 22nd will be the exact times that I sent yesterday, but again all this depends if things stay open. I do apologise I didn’t put the address of the Marina Studios in my last email it is 11, Mermaid Walk, Brighton, BN2 5WA.

Also, I didn’t put the names of the teachers with the emails and which classes they taught!! I apologise for so many mistakes but I’m learning every day with this.

sophierox@btconnect.com = Miss Sophie- Ballet, tap, modern, jazz
n.hilfiker@yahoo.co.uk = Miss Natasha – Tap, modern, jazz, acro, festival
deborahamercer@yahoo.co.uk = Miss Deborah – Ballet
cs.wilkinson@icloud.com = Miss Saskia – Ballet ( this is the correct email, I think yesterdays was spelt wrong )
christiancoe87@googlemail.com = Mr Christian – Boys Jazz, Contemporary
aragao_1@hotmail.com = Mr Alex- Drama
composerjack@gmail.com = Mr Jack – Singing

If you know anyone from Rox that isn’t getting my emails please can you ask them to contact me urgently, as the updates and emails will be daily now. If you have changed your email address and you would like it updating please let me know I can change it instantly.

I do apologise for any parents that emailed in for help last night while I was teaching. I replied as soon as I could but if you could please remember that now with the live online teaching I will be unavailable until the lessons have finished.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Many thank
Kind regards
Miss Sophie

Rox School of Dancing Hove

About Rox

At ROX, we like to think of ourselves as more than just a straightforward dance and drama school. We encourage our students to take the relevant exams for their particular class and also encourage them to take part in a ROX stage production once every three years.

In recent times we have been very fortunate to provide the Brighton Theatre Royal with students for the previous and forthcoming pantomimes. All of these factors can help show you as parents the progress your child is making, how it builds confidence and how it goes a long way to helping your child grow into the well rounded and happy person we all want them to be.

As we all know posture and fitness are extremely important when it comes to our child’s development and at ROX, we encourage both at all times. As adult classes are available too, there is something for everyone from dance and drama through to adult jazz and many other activities, so come along and find out for yourselves.

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Spring is coming and with it our new timetable for the Spring Term, which starts on January 6th – 4th April (inclusive). Half term is on 17th-23rd February (inclusive).


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ROX offer dance classes for all ages and skill levels in a relaxed and encouraging environment, be it ballet for toddlers or modern dance for teenagers. We teach a variety of classes such as ballet, tap, modern, and Acro.