Dear Parents and Students,

We will be starting our Summer Term 2021 on 19th April.

Our new Summer Timetable is now available here.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kind regards,

Miss Sophie


Dear Parents and Students,

We are experimenting with the online learning App called Zoom.

Every parent will need to sign up, this is free.

You will need an email address to sign in then you will need a phone, laptop or computer to view the class.

1. At the time of each class, you will log in 5 minutes before the class starts on the Zoom App.

2. Wait for an invitation from Rox, but you HAVE to have signed up before this and you HAVE to accept to be able to view the class and you HAVE to be running the App to receive the invitation.

3. We will need you to have signed up to a class a few hours before, please.
Any problems please call or email.

Once you have signed up can you please email to confirm and I will add you as a contact which then enables you to join the live class.

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you to all of you who have managed to sign up for the online classes yesterday, it was a great success and I really appreciate all the positive emails and constant support.

Many of you have downloaded the Zoom App and then you have to send an email via Zoom to your class teacher – they will then be able to accept you as a contact. You can’t ask the teacher to be a contact.

To be able to attend the class the teacher has to accept you and until they have done that you won’t be able to be contacted.

The classes will run as close to time as possible please don’t try to call the teacher through the Zoom App when the class is in progress as they are teaching and unable to answer as they would have to come out of the App.

You have to be on the Zoom App 5 minutes before the class so they, when your class is going to start the teacher, will send you an invite and once you have accepted this you will be in the lesson.

If you are having any problems please call the Rox landline as I will be here a lot now!! The Rox landline number is 01273 231329.

For all the RAD students we are just waiting for confirmation for the exams on Sunday, the times for the pianist rehearsal on Saturday 21st March will have to return to the original times on Saturday 28th due to the online classes still continuing on Saturday morning, but this is all depending on the Marina Studios still being open. And then the Exams on Sunday 22nd will be the exact times that I sent yesterday, but again all this depends if things stay open. I do apologise I didn’t put the address of the Marina Studios in my last email it is 11, Mermaid Walk, Brighton, BN2 5WA.

Also, I didn’t put the names of the teachers with the emails and which classes they taught!! I apologise for so many mistakes but I’m learning every day with this. = Miss Sophie- Ballet, tap, modern, jazz = Miss Natasha – Tap, modern, jazz, acro, festival = Miss Deborah – Ballet = Miss Saskia – Ballet ( this is the correct email, I think yesterdays was spelt wrong ) = Mr Christian – Boys Jazz, Contemporary = Mr Alex- Drama = Mr Jack – Singing

If you know anyone from Rox that isn’t getting my emails please can you ask them to contact me urgently, as the updates and emails will be daily now. If you have changed your email address and you would like it updating please let me know I can change it instantly.

I do apologise for any parents that emailed in for help last night while I was teaching. I replied as soon as I could but if you could please remember that now with the live online teaching I will be unavailable until the lessons have finished.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Many thank
Kind regards
Miss Sophie

Many thanks to The Pebble Trust for sponsoring the students!

The Pebble Trust

Summer Dance Workshops

Summer Workshops
Summer Workshops

Such a busy half term! June 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

It has to have been one of the quickest half terms ever because there is so much going on. Such a great half term and thank you all for working so hard when we return after half term it will be June and before we know it the summer holidays!!! All the RAD certificates and medals are now in from the Spring exams in March, so please do come to see me to get your son/daughters certificate. I will let you know as soon as the ISTD certificates and medals are in.

Janet Cram Awards, the Southern heats were held in Staines Middlesex we were delighted to have Ava Hall competing in the Junior Section one of 60 competitors. In the Intermediate Section we had Izzy Sampson, Mia Herbert and Scarlett Brown then Ruby Moss and Lesza Walke in the South West heat both heats had over 60 competitors. The Cram awards are one of the hardest competitions the students can do, they have to perform set work, they have to learn two unset amalgamations in front of an audience and work with a choreographer they have never worked with before and learn their unique style instantly. It is the closest they get to a professional audition as they have to have both technical skill and the performance to make them stand out from the crowd! It was a very long and nerve-wracking day and massive congratulations all of the students for competing, this really is so much harder than any festival. I also think its so good for the parents to see the competition as now the students need to start thinking about their future and if they want to have a professional career they have to start pushing themselves to compete at the highest level . Once both the classes have finished on the stage, which takes roughly 2 hours all the competitors are called back onto the stage for the judging , there are 3 judges so its not an individual choice. Ava was one of 6 dancers selected in the Junior section to be in the Cram finals, she also won the overall class award, absolutely outstanding. Izzy and Scarlett were both in the 6 selected to be in the Intermediate final . Such a great day and so proud of all the students. We will be travelling to London on Sunday 1st June for the final in the Greenwood Theatre it will be such a great experience for the girls and we wish them the best of luck.

Dates to remember the RAD Pianist rehearsal is on Sunday 16th June, the times have been sent out so please do contact me if you haven’t received this email. The Exam list will be sent out this week. Please make sure you check the spellings as how the name appears on the Exam timetable is how it will be on the certificate. The RAD exams are the following weekend on the 23rd June.
The ISTD exams are now on Saturday 13th July (not Sunday 14th as originally said ) All classes will carry on as normal as we will do the exams in the upstairs Gym by the girls and boys changing rooms. The ISTD pianist rehearsals are on Sunday 7th July from 8.00-2.00pm.

It is the 2nd year Rox has been selected to represent England in the Dance World Cup. Miss Natasha has brilliantly choreographed all the successful groups and solos, the modern group Salazar performed by the Intermediate festival group and 3 different numbers performed by the junior festival groups plus the Contemporary number Missing Children, so this year we have 32 students plus parents and siblings going. Most of the students will be flying to Portugal on Tuesday 25th June and the first dance competes on Saturday 29th June. Not only do we have 5 groups competing Zak Smith will be doing 2 solos and Alyssa Eve her contemporary solo. The students have all been working extremely hard and it requires so much dedication and commitment from both the students and the parents. The reason the students are producing such great work now, is they realise the only way to be successful is through technique and this can only be achieved by working hard in every single lesson , the more they put in each week in their ballet, modern , jazz , acro class , the more they get back and the work ethic really shows.
Miss Natasha will be gone for a week and her classes will be covered by myself and Miss Danielle and then when I fly out on the Saturday, my classes will be covered by Miss Saskia, Mr Christian and Miss Danielle so everything will run like clockwork without us. We really hope to have the most amazing time and hopefully come back with some medals !!!
If any of the students would like to get involved in the festivals and or the Dance World Cup please email me.
We have one more fundraising event on Saturday 8th June at BHHS prep school it’s a race night, with a fantastic raffle, amazing prizes, great bar !! It will be a great night so it would be lovely if some of you could come along and support us we would really appreciate it.

Please remember if you still haven’t paid your Summer terms fees could you do so ASAP. Can you also be aware the discounted Early bird payment is only valid for the dates shown, it is very embarrassing to have to email if you have paid the wrong price, please check the dates?

If you are stopping a class or classes in September then your notice needs to be handed in now or you are liable for half a terms fees.

Please remember to email any dance clothes orders and they will be ordered as soon as payment has been received, they normally arrive within one working day. (Except for the Character skirts and the named hoodies which are made to measure)

Only Rox uniform can be worn in all the lessons so please makes sure your son/daughter arrives in the correct clothes with the hair done in the correct style, the grooming is such an important part of the student’s discipline.

Due to demand, we will have the New Singing classes and the Junior LAMDA Drama classes starting in September, please let me know if you would like to book for a free trial.

Please remember our Safeguarding and Social Media policies, no parents are allowed to be friends with any Staff members if they teach your children, this is to protect both the staff and the children. Please let me know of any breaches of these rules.

Summer School, delighted that we will once again be doing the Summer School at BHHS Senior School, Montpelier Road, Brighton, BN1 3AT. This is from 19th-23rd August from 9.00-4.00pm daily. The students will learn a variety of Jazz, Acro, Singing, Drama, Musical Theatre, and Ballet. It really is a great action packed week £175.00 for the week from 6-11 years.
The same week we will be doing Master Classes for divided into intermediates and seniors, so there will be 2 workshops per day 9.30-11.00 then 11.15- 12.45 and these will then be repeated in the afternoon for the Seniors 1.00-2.30 then 2.45-4.15 these are £15.00 per workshop or £25.00 for the two. Details of each days workshops to follow shortly. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Best of luck to all the students competing at the All England this week, it is indeed a very busy half term. I hope you all manage to get some downtime and come back ready for even more hard work!!

Kind regards
Miss Sophie xx

Watching Classes - April 2019

A reminder that our Watching classes are from Monday 1st – Saturday 6th April inclusive.

Christmas Workshop

Christmas Workshop


New Acro Class

Baby Modern/Tap/Acro Classes

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back after the summer which now just seems like a distant memory!! I can’t believe we are almost at half term… this term is going way too fast.

Update from the Show, I am still waiting for the DVDs to arrive, but are now chasing the company daily!! So, hopefully they will be in by the end of the week, for all the students who have paid for these, they will be named and handed out by the teachers in the lessons.

Fee payments, please remember that if you haven’t paid your Autumn terms fees yet they do incur a £10.00 surcharge per class if not paid by Saturday 21st October. That is the last Saturday, private lessons will still be on the 22nd and then there are no classes until Monday 29th October (except for the lesson on Wednesday 24th October, making up for the lessons missed due to the Open Evening at Cardinal Newman on Wednesday, 3rd October).

You are all invited to the Dance World Cup Film Premier, on Sunday 14th October (14.30-15.30). This will be a wonderful afternoon, in the lecture theatre here at Cardinal Newman, but you enter through the 6th form college and there is plenty of parking there. This will give you all a chance to see all the students who represented team England in the summer in Spain and the footage of their actual performances. It will also give you, the parents, the opportunity to find out all about the World Cup and festivals to see if it’s something you would like your son/daughter to be involved in.
Adult Tickets are £5.00 & Children £2.50 which can be purchased from Hannah, her email address is

RAD exams are on Sunday 25th November and the Pianist Rehearsal is on Sunday 18th November. The timetable will be posted shortly please ensure all candidates arrive 1 hour before their exam with all their hair things, band, grips, pins, gel spray and hair nets. The uniform needs to be in pristine condition so if you need new leotards, tights or shoes please make sure you order well in advance. NO JEWELLERY OR NAIL VARNISH TO BE WORN.

Changes for SPRING TERM TIMES 2019 (does not take effect until after Christmas 2018)

5.00-5.30 Primary RAD
5.30-6.15 Grade 6 Tap
6.15-7.00 Grade 4 RAD

PBT will now be on Tuesdays at 4.45-5.30 the other times will be slightly later and Confirmed ASAP by Miss Deborah.

4.45-5.30 Grade 1 RAD
5.30-6.15 Grade 2 RAD
6.15-7.00 Grade 2 Modern.

5.00-5.45 Grade 3 RAD
5.45-6.30 Grade 6 RAD
6.30 – 7.00 Beginners Pointe

8.45-9.30 Grade 4 Modern
9.30-10.15 Grade 2 RAD
10.15-10.45 Primary RAD
10.45-11.15 Pre-Primary RAD
11.15-11.45 Baby Ballet
11.45-12.30 Grade 3 RAD
12.30-1.15 Grade 4 RAD.

7.45-8.45 Privates
8.45-9.30 Grade 1 RAD
9.30-10.00 Privates
10.00-10.30 Baby Modern/Tap/Acro
10.30-11.00 Grade 2 Tap
11.00-11.30 Grade 1 TAP
11.30-12.30 Acro (NEW CLASS )

These changes won’t happen until after the Christmas holiday.

Please ensure that your son/daughter only wears Rox tops in Class. It is getting colder and the students are not allowed to wear their own clothes in any lesson. The uniform is essential and this includes their hair being done. If you are unable to do a bun that’s fine please bring the hairpins etc every time and the student’s hair will be done either by myself or Ruby and Evie on reception. If you need to order new sweatshirts or hoodies for the winter season, please let me know by email.

ISTD EXAMS PROVISIONAL DATES 1st, 2nd & 9th December, PIANIST REHEARSAL PROVISIONAL DATES 24th November or 1st December.

Grade 1 Modern
Bibi Dearlove Richards

Grade 5 Modern
Elsie Houghton
Lucy Clark
Sophia Cuthbertson
India Rose Garraway

Inter Foundation Modern
Kaeylen Harvey
Scout Adams

Silver Jazz
Marcie Philbeam

Gold Jazz
Alyssa Eve
Mia Herbert
Anya Smith

Grade 4 Tap
Alyssa Eve
Scarlett Brown
India Rose Garraway

Grade 5 Tap
Roberta Brown
Megan Marsh
Elsie Houghton
Sophia Cuthbertson

Finally, good luck to all the students who will be competing in the Festival over the half term and the auditions for the Dance World Cup in Portugal in June 2019. The harder the students work in class the better they become technically, the more chance they have of succeeding, the more you put in the more you get out, it’s that simple!! So, I can always tell the students that will do well, they never have to be told off for talking or arriving late or not paying attention. Dance should be fun, but you still should want to fulfill your individual potential and always strive to do better.

Last night for the diary is Sunday 11th November as this is Showcase Night – 2 hours of the most amazing dancers and choreography. Again this is in the Lecture Theatre at Cardinal Newman 6th form and again, tickets can be bought from Hannah. There will be a bar and an amazing raffle so I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Kind regards
Miss Sophie xx

Baby Classes

ROX Halloween


ROX Calendar Competition

Calendar Competition

ROX Newsletter - October 2018

September 2018 Important

PLEASE NOTE that there will be no classes on Wednesday 3rd October due to an open evening at Cardinal Newman school. All the classes will be made up over half term on Wednesday 24th October at exactly the same time as the normal timetabled classes, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tickets are now available for the Dance World Cup film from Barcelona, on Sunday 14th October – adults £5.00, children £2.50. This is highly recommended for anyone whose son or daughter would like to perform in the future coming to see and watch the bronze medal-winning dance!

Kind Regards

Ps. Cake sale this Saturday 28th September, so bring your pennies xx

July 2018 Important

It was so lovely to see so many of you at Watching Classes last week, despite as change of venue and times!!  This week’s make-up classes will be at The Church of the Good Shepard again, only this time in the Church rather than the hall next door that we were at last week. So park in the same place just head to the church, not the hall,  Thank you all for your patience and understanding with all the changes

The times  for Saturday 21st July are as follows:

9.30-10.00 Primary RAD
10.00-10.30 Pre-Primary and Baby Ballet
10.30-11.00 Primary Tap
11.00-11.45  Grade 1-3 Ballet Technique Class

Kind Regards

ROX Newsletter - July 2018

Summer Dancer

Dear Parents and Students,

Well, I can’t believe this whirlwind of a term is nearly over…… Massive congratulations to all the students who performed in the Show “Half a Sixpence” really so proud of each and every one of you, it really was AMAZING ……… Thank you to all the students who were unable to perform in the show who came to support their friends and the school and came to watch the show, it was so lovely seeing so many of you in the audience, that meant so much to us.
Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to Chaperone the children backstage in such hot conditions, as stressful as it was we all had a great time and without you there would have been no show!! We will defiantly have a celebration evening over the summer holidays, date to be emailed! There will be a DVD of the show available this will cost between £13.50-£18.00 depending on numbers so please let me know if you would like one. Many parents tried to pay for the fishnet tights / tan tights and pink socks with cash on the day, but it was so busy so if you could please pay online and put your daughters name as reference. Some parents still haven’t paid for costumes, so please could this be done ASAP.

I am delighted that so many students have been inspired to start new genres after seeing the show. We have a new singing class with Miss Lesley, there are still places in her Tuesday lesson, so please let me know if you would like to join or have a free trial. So many have asked to join jazz, modern, festival and Acro. Due to the amount of students wanting to start tap dancing we are holding a weeks intense beginners course from 20–24th August from 1.00-2.00 and is £25.00 for the week again let me know if you would like a place.
If you would like a place on summer school there are still 3 places left, but if you have booked a place you need to pay for it in full to secure it, it’s £175.00 for the week.

Classes this Saturday 14th July will be at THE CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD on Dyke Road, not at CARDINAL NEWMAN. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused this is due to a church weekend at Newman.

The Dance World Cup was the most amazing experience for both the students and the parents, and to win a bronze medal was more then we could ever imagined possible, so now having experienced it once we would definitely like to enter again and see if we qualify for 2019 DWC in Portugal. On our website we will post the live recordings of all the Rox Students who represented ENGLAND, so you can all see how great they all were. With Festivals becoming more and more popular and so many new students joining I would like to form a FESTIVAL COMMITTEE, which means we need you, the parents, to get involved!! This really does mean all of you if you can, the first meeting will be Friday 13th July at 6.00pm, if you can please come along as your opinion matters.



Please look at the timetable to confirm which classes your son/daughter will be doing next term, it is still buy 3 classes and get the 4th (cheapest free) and if you have 3 children at the school the 3rd child (cheapest) is half price. We do try to keep our prices down as much as we can, and compare our prices, plus our standard to many local schools having just done a price comparison today, we are cheaper than two and more expensive than another if your child does 4 classes here per week. It works out 60 pence a week more expensive here and if they do one half hour class here per week, it worked out £1.00 a week more expensive here, I really do understand if you are on a budget and you have to go with the best prices, but i just wanted you to know, we are doing all we can to give you the best training at the best possible price.

There will be both RAD and ISTD Exams in November/December for all the students who attended technique classes this term and are ready. For all those who were not able to attend there will be Exams in the Easter Term, unfortunately without attending syllabus classes or technique classes since Easter that will be a 6 month break by the time we return in September and, for this reason, it would be impossible to prepare for an exam in 10 weeks.

I do hope you have a wonderful summer break, looking forward to seeing lots of you at Summer School. As soon as you let me know your son/daughters classes I will send the invoices, all discounted fees will be up to and including 21ST JULY 2018

As always thank you for your constant support and your wonderful children,
Lots of Love
Miss Sophie xx

Half A Sixpence - Update


Dear Parents and Students,

Well, the second week has been a lot smoother in our new premises. Thank you all for your patience during the transition, and thank you for all the lovely emails from so many of you, I cant tell you how much it means to myself, Miss Natasha and Miss Deborah, as we really do have your son’s and daughter’s best interests at heart and your loyalty makes it all worthwhile. Thank you to all of you that have now paid your invoices, and I am still sending some out this week, and if you haven’t got one still please let me know, and if you have one and still haven’t paid could you please do this ASAP!!

So, Half A Sixpence is full steam ahead now and the numbers, acting, singing is all looking/sounding amazing, and if you haven’t got your tickets yet please do, Sunday night is almost full!!

COMPETITION TIME – we need you the children/students to design the Half a Sixpence poster and programme cover. The closing date for this is Wednesday 20th June, so please get drawing/designing! Please put your name and age on it and leave it with one of the teachers. Good Luck!!

Full Cast Rehearsal – Tuesday 19th June from 7.00-7.30pm. We will run the finale with all cast members. Students don’t need to come in dance clothes, we just need them to know where and when they will be on the stage during the finale. It is quite daunting for the younger students as there are so many on the stage at one time, but it’s always best to have rehearsed this before we get to the theatre. If any parent has a business that they would like to advertise in the programme please let me know… a full page is £100.00, half page £50.00 and quarter page £25.00.

Any of the younger students who are not in the show, please do come and see it at the Old Market. We do a show every three years and before you know it, it will be your son or daughter on that stage! It will give them an idea of what they will be doing in the future. We have matinée on both Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July at 2.30, so go to the Old Market Website to book tickets or call the Box office on 01273 201801 or

Thank you to all the parents who have already volunteered to chaperone shows so far, but I do still need more as we have four shows to cover. Many students have never done a show before, and the parents have asked whether they have to do all four shows and the Friday, technical/dress run, YES…. this is absolutely vital they are here for all shows and the Friday when we first get into the theatre.
The chaperones will do the students hair and make-up once at the theatre, but you have to buy your son/daughters make-up, foundation (to match their skin colour), eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, blusher and eyeliner, plus you will need hair things – exact hairstyle details will be posted soon, so you will know if you need pins, grips, hairnets etc…

Costumes – The students will be trying on costumes over the next two week. As soon as I know each student’s sizes I will let you, the parents, know as many costumes prices vary depending on the sizes:

Senior Tap (Girls) Small /Medium and Large Adult – £33.00 plus VAT
Small/Medium/Large /X large Child – £31.00
Black Tap Shoes – already have
Black fishnet tights – £4.00
Junior and Senior Boys Black Tap Trousers – should already have them if not £21.00
Gold waistcoat Small/Medium/large Adult – £15.00 plus VAT
Small/Medium/Large/ X Large Child – £12.00
Black Tap Shoes – already have
White Shirt Small/Medium/Large Adult – £TBC
Small/Medium/Large/X Large Child – £TBC

Junior Tap, Gold Sequin Dress (Girls) Small/Medium/Large Adult – £29.00 plus VAT
Small /Medium/ Large/ X Large Child – £27.00
White Parasol – £3.50

Jazz (Girls) Small/Medium/Large/X Large Child – £23.00
Small/Medium/Large/X Large Adult – £26.00 plus VAT

Boys Gangster Suit Medium/Large/X Large Child – £21.00
Small/Medium/Large/X Large Adult – £26.00 plus VAT
Red Tie £5.50 Child – £7.00 Adult plus VAT
Black Jazz Shoes – already have

Show Modern
Senior Girls Blue and black netted hot pants Small / Medium /Large /X Large – £30.00 plus VAT
Large/ X Large Child – £24.00
Boys – White Shirt – Small/ Medium/ Large X Large Child – £16.00
Small / Medium / Large/ X Large Adult – £20.00 plus VAT
Black Trousers – already have
Black Sequin Tie – £7.00
Black Sequin Braces – £2.95
Junior Girls – Pink and Silver Dress Small/Medium/Large/ X Large Child – £24.00

Junior Ballet (Thursday)
Pinafore and Hat- Small/Medium/Large Child – £21.00
White Blouse – Small/Medium/Large Child – £10.00
White National Knickers Small/Medium / Large Child – £8.00
Pink Ballet Shoes – already have

The other costumes we should have selected soon and will send out the details ASAP. All the costumes have to be paid into account number 60278463 sort code 53-61-02 and it’s important you put your son/daughters name plus costume. As you can imagine there are over 500 costumes to order!!
As soon as the payment is received the costume will be ordered. Once you have the costume it is imperative you name every item as there will be so many students with identical costumes. Can you please check that your child has tried on a costume and then I can get lists out with each students costume size, so you as the parent knows how much you need to pay. Please do email in if you have any questions, I’m here to help!!

Kind regards
Miss Sophie

ROX Newsletter - June 2018

Spanish Dancer

Dear Parents and Students,

I do hope you had a lovely restful half term, attached is the final updated timetable again! I do apologise it was difficult to juggle everything around with the earlier start times, please check as Monday is now slightly different and Thursday is a lot different!! Wednesday, Friday and Saturday remain unchanged. Please remember that we are now at Cardinal Newman and yes, the car park is for use by the Rox parents so you will never have a problem parking again! For all the high school students that stay to after school club, I have organised some senior students to collect the girls from the afterschool club and walk them to Cardinal Newman, if you would like this please let me know and I will liaise with Jade to let her know who is being collect by Ruby and Evie.

Congratulations to all the students that took part in the Croydon Festival, best results ever and these will be posted as soon as all the dancers have finished competing. To any Rox students that would like to join the festival groups all the new dances are starting after half term, so please do come along and try it out.

The show is going extremely well and the students have all be hard at work leaning the dances, and lines etc., the chorus singing will start after half term and there will be details of costumes and make up for each number …. it really is going to be an amazing show. Just to confirm the Dress rehearsal/Technical run is on Friday 6th July at the Old Market from 4.00-8.00 for the younger students, the older students might have to stay until 9.00pm so please be prepared for a long night! It is compulsory to attend this evening in order for your son/daughter to perform in the shows on the Saturday and Sunday. Bring plenty of water and packed lunch, no chocolate and only water to drink in case of spillage on costumes!

I will need chaperones for the Friday evening plus both shows on the Saturday and Sunday, if you would like to volunteer please let me know.
The tickets for the show will go on sale on Monday 3rd June from the Old Market, the phone number is 01273-201801, it is first come first served and all the seats are numbered so please don’t leave it too long. There are four shows in total 2.30 and 7.00pm on both 7th and 8th July and the show will last about 2 hours with an interval. There is a bar there for refreshments and you can collect the students between shows, they just need to be at the theatre one hour before each show to get hair and makeup done.

Just to update all the students representing Team England in the Dance World Cup in Barcelona – only 20 days to go now!! I’m sure you are all beside yourself with excitement, I know Miss Natasha is! There has been a slight hold up on the GB tracksuits, but I have been assured they will be here before the 21st. Now we just have to work harder than ever to get the results you all so deserve, fingers crossed, and hopefully the trip to Spain will be something you all remember forever… such a great team.

Thank you all for your constant support, this has been the most challenging of terms that I can ever remember. But the future is really looking bright, and my magnificent staff have stayed professional throughout…

Kind regards
Miss Sophie

ROX Newsletter - May 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

I’m delighted to announce that we will be moving Rox from Monday 4th June 2018 to Cardinal Newman School, The Upper Drive, Hove, BN3 6ND. There we will be using the Dance Studio and the Gym. The parking facilities are excellent, you drive in through the gates and head past the main building towards the 6th form block, and you will hopefully see the dance studio and park as close to that as possible. We will have signs out to help you during the first week as it is all brand new and a very large school, but once you have done it once it is really easy!

We are now able to start at 5.00pm in both the Dance Studio and the Gym which means some classes can run earlier, and some slightly later! So please please check the timetable as we have tried to keep everything as close to the original timetable as possible. All Classes on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday’s are exactly the same, there are no changes at all, so please pay special attention to the times for Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Any problems or questions please contact me directly.

The show is progressing at an amazing rate and the dance numbers are almost all finished. It really is very exciting and we will start letting you know about costumes after half term to get them all ordered, and then hair & makeup!

I would like to call extra rehearsals for the Drama students on Tuesday and Wednesday 22nd and 23rd from 7.30-8.30 (all students in LAMDA drama and all the students with speaking parts) including the boys please (Bertie, Jimmy , Lucas, Barney and Ronan). If you are in a lesson please let me know so I know which characters we will be working with.

Many of you have asked about buying tickets, these will be sold directly from the Old Market box office and will be on sale after half-term, it is first-come-first-served so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Thank you to all the students and parents who came to watch the Dance World Cup Showcase on Friday evening. It was such a wonderful evening, the dances and all the dancers looked just stunning! A special congratulations to Miss Natasha on all the hard work that has gone into this, as it really is going to be a time these students will never forget. We raised £320.00 in total, so thank you to everyone. Please do come to the next fundraiser which is on Saturday 2nd June, a quiz night with Fish and Chips!! It will be a great night. For all of you that were not able to come to Friday’s Showcase we will be doing another one in June just before we go, so if you can come, please do.

Summer Camp is back by popular demand. This year it will be at Cardinal Newman and from 20th-24th August (9.00-4.00 £175.00 for the week). It really is the best week and the children are exhausted by the end!!

I know it’s a lot to take in, but I really believe this is the beginning of a great new start,

As ever Thank You all for your constant support, it really does mean everything to us,

Kind regards
Miss Sophie

ROX Newsletter - March 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

I can’t believe that’s its almost the end of another term, and what a fantastic term it has been. Best of luck to all the students taking their RAD ballet exams on Saturday and Sunday, please remember to arrive one hour before the exam with all your clothes washed in pristine condition and all your hair things (girls) hairpins, grips, hair nets, hair elastics , the same colour as your hair , hair gel and hairspray, and the dirtier the students hair the easier it is to put up, clean bodies dirty hair!! All the exam times are on the board if you are not sure, please just ask.

It is so lovely to do the mock exams as always I’m amazed at the difference in each and every exam candidate from the beginning of term to now, the hard work from both the students and Miss Deborah has such great results, you as parents should be very proud.

The ISTD exam pianist rehearsals are next weekend and the exams the following Tuesday and Wednesday, the 27th and 28th I do apologise that some emails had the wrong dates on the days which caused a great deal of confusion!!

The watching classes start on Wednesday 21st March and finish on Tuesday 27th March, this is most confusing as it starts midweek, but just to confirm to everyone so no one misses the opportunity to see their children’s progress and chat to the teachers. Friday students have their Watching Class this Friday 16th March due to a function at the high school, class is as normal 23rd but just watching is a week early.

Well done to all the students who have performed in the Hastings Festival, the most amazing results and how well the students work as a team, this really shows with the chemistry, trust and respect that is reflected in their work. A Very big thank you to all the parents, the dedication needed to commit to the children’s “Hobbies” is endless, without you it wouldn’t be possible, and of course Miss Natasha with her wonderful, exciting choreography, she has been working 7 days a week and will need the Easter Break to recover!!

Congratulations to all the LAMDA students again achieving such high marks, Mr. Alex always says the standard of the student’s drama is outstanding.

So its three years since the last show…… where has the time gone?! This is the most exciting term for most of the students, all the hard work all the hours practicing technique, at last, pays off, the students get to shine on the stage in front of all their friends and family. This year’s show is “Half a Sixpence” all students from Grade 1 up are invited to perform and it’s so lovely to see the youngest students performing alongside the most senior students, many of who have there GCSEs at the same time, and they are the inspiration to the future generations of Rox, the memories of the show will last forever.

All the students who are in Baby Ballet/Modern/Tap, Pre-Primary and Primary, these will remain the same timetabled classes on the same days, some might have moved times slightly, we have tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. You will see from the new timetable that grades are now combined, again we have tried to keep the days exactly the same as the ones attended by the students from the spring term as much as possible, many are doubled up, your son/daughter only has to attend one of these classes , all I need you do is let me know which one, i.e. Monday or Thursday.

There is a technique class attached to each of the show classes, this is because some students are unable to perform in the show due to being away for the weekend of the show, so they will attend just the technique class, for all the other students in the show we strongly advise taking the technique class as well, just to keep the students technique up until September when we resume with syllabus classes again, I know this is an extra expense for many of you, but it is only once every three years and if you think of it the same as when you do an exam and have an extra coaching class per week. This will maintain all the students who will be taking their RAD and ISTD exams in December, without it that wouldn’t be possible.

The Show is at the Old Market, which is just off Western Road in Hove, it is an amazing Theatre and easy to get to on public transport as parking is not the best! pretty much the same as all Brighton! The changing rooms are lovely, there’s a great bar and its close to all restaurants etc. The technical/Dress Rehearsal will be on Friday 6th July from 4.00pm and can go on until 9.30-10.00pm so that’s a long night… Then we will have two shows a matinee on both Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th so each student will perform in 4 shows. We try to keep the cost for the costumes down to a minimum and they are between £15.00-£30.00 each depending on the genre, i.e. Tap/Modern/ Jazz or Ballet, then the only other cost for the students is the makeup, which once they have bought it will last a lifetime!!

Tickets go on sale about a month before the show and they are on a first come first served basis, but with four shows I’m sure you will all get to see the show at least once! We will, of course, have the show filmed so you will be able to buy a copy if you would like. Many students are already asking about auditions for the parts, this I will do over the Easter Holidays as I like all the staff to be present during the audition process, so if you would like a speaking/ singing role please email me so I can arrange an audition.

I am so excited for the next few months, not only the show but the Dance World Cup in Barcelona…… The children really are our future, and it will be brilliant.

Thank you for all the really lovely comments about the new website, Congratulations to Rob who designed it, and now that its run by one of the amazing Dads he will be able to update it weekly to keep it current, that is amazing!

Summer School dates will be out very soon as I know so many of you want to book again, we do have 30 places for August so don’t panic… if you haven’t attended before you must as the children love it.

I’m sure once you have read everything if your an “old “ mum of 10 years at Rox or it’s your first show there will be plenty of questions, please just ask and yes we will need chaperones for the show so you the parents can get involved as well, just not on the stage!!

Lots of Love
Miss Sophie

ROX Newsletter - January 2018

January 2018 News

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all, I do hope you all had a lovely relaxing break and now back to lots of hard work for the next two terms. I can’t believe it’s Show Year again!! Where have the three years gone. Congratulations to all the students who got amazing RAD and LAMDA results. Just to remind you that LAMDA is now on a Thursday (6.30-7.30).

The ISTD results are now in, fantastic results! 24 Distinctions which is 80% and over and 9 Merit which is 65% and over. Well done to all the staff and pupils, I’m so very proud of you all.

Hopefully, all of you are aware that 25 of our amazing students have been selected to represent Great Britain as a part of Dance World Cup in June in Barcelona. We are fundraising to ensure all our students can compete. There is a raffle costing £10 a ticket and the winner will get a free class next term. If you would like to buy a raffle ticket please talk to either Ruby or Evie on reception. If anyone has any other ideas to raise some money they would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you have a local business that wants to donate something?!

Another reminder that Miss Natasha’s engagement party is on January 27th and we have a card at reception if any students would like to sign it and put some money towards her engagement present. I feel this is a better idea than personal gifts as she is moving into her first home and desperately needs a bed. So between us, it would be lovely to collect a substantial amount!!

Thank you to all parents who have paid their invoices this term. If you haven’t received one or it’s wrong in any way then please let me know. Unfortunately, I think some parents didn’t quite read the invoice properly and have paid the discounted fee, even though that was only payable up until the 16th of December, after that date so please can you check the dates on the invoice, and if you have paid the wrong amount I will email you ASAP.

On Thursday 18th January, a tuck shop will be opening in the waiting room. All money raised will go towards the Dance World Cup funding, so please support this and buy buy buy!!

Summer Term 2018 is “Show Term”, for new students this is something we do every 3 years. This year the show will be at The Old Market, which is at 11, Market Street, Hove, which is a fantastic venue. The dates are Dress/Tech Run (6th July) and two shows per day (Matinee and Evening – 7th & 8th July). All students from Grade 1 can be in the show. Auditions for parts will be after half term. It really is a great experience so I do encourage everyone to take part!